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Back in April, we brought you Steppe Gold (TSX: STGO) when it was trading at about $0.70 - since then it has rocketed up to more than $3.00 or an increase of more than 325%!

$STGO 1-yr Stock Chart

Then in May, we brought you Turmalina Metals Corp. (TSXV: TBX) when it was trading at about $0.60 and it subsequently went on to trade to $1.80 or an increase of 200%!

$TBX 1-yr Stock Chart

We think we’ve got another HUGE win setting up here with Carlyle


The recipe for success behind our latest pick here with Carlyle is exactly the same as what has worked for us repeatedly before. It isn’t magic, it just makes sense.

Almost all exploration stocks that take off on "good news" have what some call a "coiled spring" setup. A catalyst that generates more buying than selling and the stock takes off. Simple supply and demand.

Good drill results release the spring. 

These coiled spring setups are no accidents but the result of strategic decision making and we know how to spot them.

Here's what a "coiled spring" setup looks like:

  1. Tight capital structure and a small float. Insider ownership that is in it for the long term.

  2. Strong management that can find gold AND capitalize on strong results to push the project forward.

  3. The project should be in a good jurisdiction and near mining infrastructure and have the land package size to become a BIG mine.

Carlyle has each of these key ingredients in spades!

...and is poised for lift off.

Read on as we walk you through the key reasons why we've selected and alerted you to:
Carlyle Commodities (CSE: CCC).

This stock has all the elements for near-term explosive growth.

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Why Invest?

Exposure to Precious Metals Prices

With a precious metals focused exploration business model Carlyle shareholders are provided with leveraged exposure to the surging commodity prices.

Strong Management Team

Committed management team with proven success in raising capital, making exploration discoveries and creating significant shareholder value.

The Cecilia Gold & Silver Project

On July 15th, Carlyle announced acquiring this highly-prospective drill-ready gold & silver project with past sampling grades of up to 133.7 g/t Au and 335 g/t Ag!

Technical Analysis

Key Technical Stock Indicators by TradingView.com as of July 20, 2020.

Share Structure

As you'll recall point #1 of the "coiled spring" setup is a tight share float and Carlyle has one of the tightest floats on the entire CSE exchange with just 5 million total free-trading shares! You rarely see this at this stage of a Company and it is incredibly bullish. 

The balance of the shares are subject to quarterly escrow releases and held by key financial and operational partners.

Shares Outstanding



15,827,000 ($0.20 exercise price)

Stock Options

2,012,571 ($0.15 to $1.75)

Special Warrants


Fully Diluted



Approx. $1.0 million

Recent Trading Price


Market Cap

Approx. $9.3 million (CAD)

Free-Trading Share Float

Approx. 5 million shares (Yes, just this few)

* ~ 18 million shares subject to escrow (Real float of ~ 5 million shares)
** Special Warrants begin vesting in July 2021 (6-month tranches over subsequent 24-months)

Carlyle Commodities Corp. Shareholder Breakdown Pie Chart

The Management Team

Point #2 of the "coiled spring" setup is a strong management team and Carlyle has a young but experienced team that thrived during one of the worst bear markets for mining from 2012 to 2019. 

They're passionate about what they do and have a track record of success having raised more than $250 million for public venture capital companies and delivered through their steady leadership multiple successful exits including: Timmins Gold & ALQ Gold.

CEO & Director

Morgan Good

  • Ready Set Gold Corp.
  • Ignite International 


Leighton Bocking

  • Timmins Gold
  • Gold Standard Ventures


Mike Blady

  • Golden Ridge Resources
  • GTEC Holdings

The Flagship Cecilia Gold-Silver Project

Point #3 of the "coiled spring" setup is having a real exploration project that is highly-prospective and in proximity to other mines. The best place to discover and prove up a new mine is right next to an existing one. 

Carlyle's Cecilia Gold-Silver Project in Western Mexico is practically surrounded by mines and successful exploration projects being advanced towards mines.

The Cecilia Project is a district-scale gold and silver epithermal system that totals nearly 8,000 hectares over 3 concessions: Cerro Magallanes, Cecilia 1 and Cecilia 2. 

As many as 30 abandoned exploration adits, small underground galleries and surface prospect pits are distributed over the upper slopes of Cerro Magallanes, which are believed to date back to the early decades of the 20th Century. One of the workings at the Cerro Magallanes dome returned high grades up to 133.7 g/t gold and 335 g/t silver. Historic sampling completed by the Mexican geological services returned values from 22 g/t to 53 g/t gold and 204 g/t to 1128 g/t silver.  

Just how prolific could this project be for Carlyle?

In one word : VERY!

The Cerro Magallanes concession is going to be Carlyle's focus as it plans to immediately begin exploration and drill test multiple targets this summer. 

Long forgotten is that 19 diamond drill holes were haphazardly drilled in the mid-to-late 90's by Cambior Inc. who walked away from the project after they were forced to exit Mexico due to issued with a mining accident at one of their projects in Guyana.

Despite the widely-spaced drilling missing almost all the vein systems, Cambior's drill results were very good as you can see on the map below. They demonstrated wide intervals of +15 meters of +1.5 to 2 gram per tonne gold and +50 grams per tonne silver.

We can't wait to see what results Carlyle get with better placed drill holes to intersect the known quartz veins that are associated with gold and silver! 

Since the 1997, the project has been largely overlooked and lost until Riverside Resources acquired the project from Gunpoint Resources in 2017 and completed necessary field geology to map the vein systems and complete all new chip, soil and trench sampling. 

Riverside Resources is positioned as a project generator in that they work up highly-prospective projects and partner/sell with others to fund the focused exploration necessary.

Carlyle is the benefactor of all this important work and is now set to drill into high-grade structures that are now better understood and properly mapped/sampled. Carlyle are poised to unlock the potential of this long lost gem and have THE textbook "coiled spring" setup.

What's the upside for investors?

Vizsla Resources are ALSO located in Western Mexico and acquired a project similar in size - 9,000 hectares to Carlyle's 8,000 hectares. Like Carlyle, Vizsla was also the benefactor of some historic drilling completed several years ago before the alteration and structural controls were understood. With more fieldwork came a more focused drilling program. 

How has this modern drilling worked for Vizsla?

Their stock increased by over 600% in 3-weeks from 2 sets of drill assays announced! They were a classic "coiled spring" setup.

Could Carlyle be the next Vizsla? 

We see a lot of similarities between the two in terms of structure, people and projects - the 3 necessary elements for the "coiled spring" setup and why we are alerting you TODAY to Carlyle!

In Summary

We believe Carlyle Commodities Corp. (CSE: CCC) has the potential for explosive near-term growth due to several upcoming catalysts.

Our top reasons for alerting you now:

  1. Among the tightest share structures of any company listed on the CSE. This is a key for a stock to achieve price appreciation.

  2. A young dynamic management team that have carefully learned the venture capital industry over the last 15 years garnering more success with each successive Company.

  3. The announcement of their Cecilia gold project. This project is located on a major mining trend in Western Mexico that has been fruitful for precious metal discoveries. Carlyle plans to almost immediately drill this highly-prospective project.

  4. The stock has been bid up with strength and the price has doubled in the last four weeks. We believe there is much more upside remaining.

  5. Precious metal mining stocks are seeing much more investor interest due to the COVID pandemic and the record rate of government fiscal stimulus. 






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